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Know your investment options

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The DreamAhead College Investment Plan offers three different ways to invest the money you save for college: 

  • Year of Enrollment portfolios use the beneficiary’s approximate year of enrollment in college to automatically adjust fund allocations over time. This means that the closer the beneficiary gets to the year of enrollment, the more conservative the portfolio’s allocation will become. Each Year of Enrollment portfolio can be customized to your risk tolerance.

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  • Static portfolios allow you to invest in specific funds based on your risk tolerance. Static investments don’t change allocations on their own, so it’s a good idea to review your selection over time.

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  • Adding to multiple portfolios is ideal for more advanced investors or for those who want to have more control over their investments. This option allows you to contribute to any combination of the Year of Enrollment and/or Static portfolios. For example, if a beneficiary plans on attending undergraduate and graduate school, you could contribute to two different Year of Enrollment portfolios to maximize the time before they enroll in each school.

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